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Affordable Recycling Equipment in Atlanta, GA

Recycling cardboard boxes is a terrific way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And with help from Box Resellers, your company can make a big difference and reduce its carbon footprint. We'll even provide recycling equipment in Atlanta, GA, like tractor-trailers for simple recyclable materials storage.

Everything You Need to Recycle

Box Resellers offers a wide variety of recycling equipment, including cardboard balers, tractor trailers, and recovery carts. Looking for a different size? Just ask--we can customize each to meet your specific needs. If your facility just needs a small cart, we can cut down the size. We partner with your plant engineer to create the best design and optimize the recovery process.

Easy Implementation

Simplify your approach to recycling with support from our team. When you team up with Box Resellers, we institute a one-point lesson plan that makes learning how to execute the recovery process easier. These plans are also displayed on the recycling equipment so that any new or current employees can learn and follow it correctly. Now your employees can focus on their jobs while still maximizing the amount of waste material that is gathered.

Why Recycle?

At Box Resellers, we believe that all businesses could stand to do a little more when it comes to recycling. However, we also know that some business owners aren’t sure how to get started, or whether implementing a custom recycling program is worth it. Here are a few key factors to consider when you’re thinking of making the switch:

It’s good for you. As an industrial manufacturer, you know how many extra costs are associated with baling and disposal. But with our recycling equipment setup on your premises, you’ll never have to shell out to have leftover materials repurposed or packaged up for disposal.

It’s good for the planet. The more materials we can recover and recycle, the less we’ll be forced to draw on natural resources and deplete our planet’s forests. This creates a better future for the generations that will come after us. Plus, if your goal is to go zero-waste, our services are a great help.

It’s good for your customers. If you’re paying to have your business’s boxes packed up and taken to a landfill, you’re likely passing on some disposal costs to your clients. But with our cardboard recycling equipment, it’s easy to keep your services affordable (and profitable).

Contact us today to find out more about our recycling equipment. Our team provides delivery and pickup services to customers located throughout the Atlanta, Georgia, area.

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